The Two Little Bakers: I’ve given birth to a new blog!

This was inevitable. After all- I’m a bit obsessed with organizing things which includes kitchen cabinets, pantry items, spices, shoes, toys, files both printed and internets stuff. I can’t stand looking at things that are disheveled and boy do I start cleaning after each and every episode of Hoarders. So it’s just become natural that I couldn’t sustain all my files on this little blog. I gave birth to two beautiful boys a few years ago and now I’ve given birth to their existence online. Some may criticize me and say I should’ve waited till they’re old enough to read and write their own words but I couldn’t help doing it now. So here it is! Welcome to the new site I’ve just given birth to: ! Don’t worry dear readers- I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. This site will still continue doing it’s thing. Here’s a little sneaky peak of the first official recipe by the boys: Cranberry Scones. Hope you like it!

The Two Little Bakers Cranberry Scones recipe

Cranberry Scones by The Two Little Bakers, Alex and Daniel

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  1. I just came to Adelaide and i was wondering if you can recommend me some nice bakery for fresh bread and cakes .. for me money is not a problem but i need some nice bakery stuff so i can get stuff on regular basis

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