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Heirloom Tomato Hunt in Montvale

At $2.49/pound at De Piero's Country Farm

I went on a little hunt for heirloom tomatoes this afternoon. Given the green light to shop to my heart’s content for the best heirloom tomato varieties, I felt like someone handed over a black Amex card. But I don’t own one and do I wish I did! I ventured out to De Piero’s farm, a local family owned business and got a chance to meet the old man himself.

And I thought I had enough fun with the heirloom tomato hunt...

I found some gems and at a bargain price for $2.49/pound for some of the rare purple-green varieties and small bushels of red ones for $3.99/2 quarts. I was in foodie heaven for a few moments. Even swiping my credit card at the end of my tomato hunt didn’t bother me. I had a new sense of feeling high- like a food clepto being fed my daily drug. Alas! I found a local farmer’s market that’s only five minutes away where they carry everything from zucchini flowers to heirloom tomatoes. The purple potatoes looked fascinating too. I thought I should leave some of the shopping for future visits here, hopefully when someone else is paying for me to shop and cook up a storm! I just want to lay next to all the heirloom tomatoes and inhale their succulent summer aroma before giving them away.

De Piero’s Country Farm   300 West Grand Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645   Tel: (201) 391-4576


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Goffle Road Poultry

The Goffle Road Poultry sign right off Wyckoff Ave.

The last two days were filled with organic chicken dinners thanks to the little family owned Goffle Road Poultry store in Wyckoff, NJ. I discovered this walk in shop a few years ago through the recommendation of locals. I’ve previously ordered Japanese Silky chickens, known in Asian cuisine for its healing medicinal benefits to pregnant and menopausal women.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by and ordered two fresh killed chickens along with six chicken sausages before returning home to conjure up my Roasted Chicken with Yama Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions recipe. Three of the sausages were sweet and the remaining filled with hints of spicy pepper. I’ve tried both on several occasions and usually barbeque the sausage. Since the weather is not yet permitting, I poached the poulet boudin and seared it tonight.

Below is the recipe for dinner prepared this evening, Chicken Boudin and Lentils with Braised Korean Hot Peppers. The total preparation and cooking time is under an hour. I highly recommend buying poultry and other meats from local sustainable farmers. Along with chicken, the Goffle Road Poultry store offers fresh killed turkeys for T-day  and specialty game meats, home made sausages, organic chicken eggs along with local sustainable honey and other dry goods. The total price of two whole chickens and six sausage links cost me a little over $20.00 dollars.

Goffle Road Poultry 549 Goffle Road Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Tel: (201) 444-3238


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