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The Two Little Bakers Web Series Kicks Off with a Halloween Special and Special Guest Appearance by Jacques Torres

We had  a blast celebrating Halloween this year. From the chocolate-chocolate tea party, to getting a chocolate making tutorial from Master Chef Jacques Torres. You can read about how Alex and Daniel made the Chocolate Pumpkins and get the recipes here.


The boys went trick or treating after a delicious Halloween themed tea party.


Daniel meets the electrified ghost.


This dude had three heads and made us laugh.


A great candy alternative is offering popcorn to the trick or treaters.

The Two Little Bakers Halloween

Our evening ended with this. Back at home, Daniel was being Daniel…and he looks like the cutest Emo Vampire! We hope you had fun with yours! I hope you’re ready for the next big holiday….Thanksgiving here we come!

Get your assortment of chocolate delights at the Jacques Torres Flagship Store on Hudson Street:

Jacques Torres is located 350 Hudson at King Street (1 block South of Houston), New York, NY 10014.

Store hours are:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 7 pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 7 pm

Sunday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Phone: (212) 414-2462




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How to Eat Your Favorite Childhood Ice Cream

I recently went on a culinary voyage to my home away from home. To the place I called home for three primal years of my life. Going to Korea to eat my heart out- I couldn’t leave without having my favorite childhood food- the inevitable ice cream which haunted me for decades, as this little thing was the last thing I remembered eating before taking off into the unknown (South America) with my parents and brother. I didn’t find the strawberry flavor I coveted so much- but instead discovered a new one, pistachio with a chocolate ball at the very end for happy endings.

How to Eat Your Favorite Childhood Ice Cream:

Inspect the little big thing at first.

I wonder if this ice cream missed me as much as I did…

Small bites, licks, exams…

Yup- that’s what I’ve been craving for so many years.

The taste just fills me up with utter joy!

Where have you been all my life?

It’s just me and my little ice cream cone! Like a kid again…but better-

I went out and bought three of them and had it for breakfast!

Pistachio flavored chocolate coated ice cream cone with a happy little ending…

Here’s looking at you kid…

Me: Hello?

Auntie: Rina, did you have breakfast?

Me: Um- yea, having some ice cream right now…

Auntie: for breakfast? You’ll get diarrhea!!

Me: Well- I already had two of them so it’s a tad bit late now don’t you think?

Ok- I gotta go now, have lots of things to do (eat my ice cream in peace!!)

And at the end of this happy journey

there’s a chocolate ball awaiting to be Devoured!

The end~ till we meet again,

hopefully it’ll be sooner than later…

To be continued…

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