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Ask Gael Greene Where to Dine Out and Get One of Her Vintage Bags


I made this collage to give Gael’s followers a clear visual on how to wear her vintage Art Deco Embossed leather clutch bag. Click on the photo to visit Gael’s Vintage Bag Collection via TheAccidentalBagLady on Etsy.com

Red Farm was named by Gael as one of the 12 picks for where she likes to frequent in NYC’s dining scene for Foodie.com. I’ve been to three other places with her and sampled her usual. We visited Ed’s Chowderhouse on Thanksgiving Eve, sampling the clam chowder of course and some amazing vegetable sides. Followed by a fabulous 40 x 2 celebration at Stella 34 Trattoria in midtown for her landmark birthday and Wong for delectable Asian fusion style foodstuff that IS “so right” according to Gael.

I’ld figured- if anyone ought to know where to go for dinner next, it should be she who has bestowed NYC with her insatiable appetite for the last four decades. After all she is credited as coining the popular term “foodie” and really being the first to post food photos of her whereabouts starting a trend that resulted into a multi billion dollar industry. Who knew 40+ years ago that food + women + taking photos of the food + posting them into + internet space would generate billions upon billions.

She will never fail at suggesting where you ought to go- but what about what to wear and who’s dining out tonight? What to wear when dining out is equally as important as what you’re eating, where you’re eating, and relevant to who you’re dining with. You heard me: who is the final determining factor in what you should wear. Am I the only person who bothers to ask when calling for a reservation what the dress attire is? I bet that if every establishment, and food writer actually mentioned this to the masses- that we’ld seldom see incorrectly dressed buffoons and gals wouldn’t be wearing their Jimmy Choo’s to a fucking dive bar-restaurant-pub. How many of you have accidentally stood out in the crowd by wearing your dressed down work clothes to Tao? Khakis and JCrew oxford shirt with loafers. When I googled the restaurant, no one mentioned dress like a Bond Girl or that it’s okay to show boobs because all the cocktail waitresses  have hiked up micro minis with their boobs out. Also don’t bring your date here if you want all eyes on you (if you’re heterosexual). Girlfriends and gay besties are on the other hand, totally welcomed.

I’ve been meaning to visit Red Farm since meeting Chef Joe Ng two years ago. We sampled dim sum at a Chinatown restaurant where he was working on menu consulting.

Torn by Ronny Kobo Coco Dress

SS2014 Torn by Ronny Kobo Coco Dress

For my Red Farm adventure- I’m going to wear this casual ribbed dress by Torn and my new favorite Jeffrey Campbell Draco boots. Dessert is always optional. If you have an extra hour to spare after eating your heart out with gal pals- then I’ld say go for it and walk it off in the park for after hours girl talk or you can run it off in the morning, or spend the night dancing away.

Jeffrey Campbell Draco Studded Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Draco Studded Boots

Don’t forget about the purse as the purse is what people will likely stare at second to the shoes you’re wearing. May I entice you to try a vintage piece or two from Gael Greene’s private collection sold via TheAccidentalBagLady on Etsy.com? If you’ve never owned a vintage piece before- you probably should experiment sooner than later…and for any true food connoisseur- what wouldn’t be more collectable than a bag formerly belonging to the most erotic food writer we know?

Gael Greene's Vintage Art Deco Embossed Leather Clutch Bag

Gael Greene’s Vintage Art Deco Embossed Leather Clutch Bag

I imagine every one of these bags once carried a set of keys,  rogue lipstick, and a notebook where Gael may have scribbled a page of notes about the restaurant of the week. She may have also scribbled a few lines of hatred towards some unnamed chefs (too many to list here) about their unappetizing foodstuffs. I would love to get a copy of some of those notes!- Followed by an evening of hot passionate sex with the flavor of the week- (4 star Chef? Porn star? Elvis?) we have a few names, thanks to her recent memoir Insatiable. So WHERE is the Elvis purse???



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